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So excited that Jesus has allowed me and my wife Jennifer to spread the gospel to the Florida area. If you are looking for a ministry that is centered on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, then you found your home away from heaven. We want our ministry to be able to accomplish what Jesus spoke of in the bible verse John 14:12 " We will do greater things than these". I believe we are right at the door for God to send His Son King Jesus to rapture His Church! But until then, we have a  big and great job to do for the Kingdom of God, and there are so many souls that are lost, as well as church goers, that are not fed the truth from the scriptures. Here at The Source we are respectfully expecting those same miracles that the Bible talks about and we read of! So let's get serious and start to live in victory instead of defeat. If you have visited our site and are reading this, it is not by accident, and we believe Jesus sent you here. Please call us at the number listed herein this website, and let me pray, speak with and meet you in person. May Jesus Bless you in every area of your life. Jesus loves you and so do we. Be Blessed and a Blessing!!    


God's servant and your friend,

Pastor Steve French


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